Toy Dolls “Treasured Tracks”

Album Reviews | Nov 18th, 2007

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Record Label: SOS Records
Genre: Punk
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Wow, I’m really ashamed of myself. This is the very first time that I’m listening to the Toy Dolls. The band has been together since 1979 and I can’t believe I never came across their music until now. Well I’ll tell you right now, this won’t be the last time I listen to the Toy Dolls. I really like their pop punk Oi! Songs. This album is their Greatest Hits Live album but it sounds nothing like a live album. It sounds like they recorded this in the studios. All these songs sounds fun but still have that UK punk sound to them. When listening to the Toy Dolls, I just can’t help but think if Monty Python were ever to do a punk band, they would sound like these guys.

Bottom Line: An excellent live album featuring all of the Toy Dolls greatest hits!
Notable Tracks: Tommy Kowey’s Car, Spider’s in the Dressing Room, I’m a Telly Addict
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