The Tri-Fives “Won’t Back Down”

Album Reviews | Apr 18th, 2005

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Usually I can tell by the first song, whether or not I’m going to like a band…In this case, I like what I hear just solely on the first track of The Tri-Fives. I kind of miss reviewing bands like this because many bands have changed their sound to crappy ‘post-hardcore’ or emo and I can’t stand that crap. At least I can actually call this band a punk band. Majority of their tunes are under 3 minutes and I’m all for that because I have ADD when it comes to music. 2 Minutes rolls by, my finger is reaching for the skip button. Tri-Fives plow thru the songs and have a great pop punk sound. My only negative comment is when I put the Cd in my computer, It was being a pain in the ass. I get a window that pops up saying i need to turn off my pop up blocker. Yeah, I don’t want to haha. Finally figured out how to close out of the window and play the CD. I don’t like when enhanced Cds turn into a nuisance. But fans of The Forgotten, Screeching Weasel, early Rancid and the Bouncing Souls should check out the Tri-Fives. Rock on!

Bottom Line: I really liked this. Music was off da hook yo.
Notable Tracks: Bad Old Days, Two Thousand Maniacs, Methadone
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