Tri-State Conspiracy – “Nuisance”

Album Reviews | Jan 10th, 2009

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Genre: Psycho Swing/Ska
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The psycho swing/ska band from New York City is back with a brand new full-length album!

I enjoyed Tri-State Conspiracys last album High Strung Mess and this one is just as good. The band combines two genres that I like a lot, which is ska and swing. I had the pleasure of seeing Tri-State Conspiracy live at the Big Orange Bonanza in Circleville, NY a few years ago and they put on a great set. The singer was energetic, and lively. I cant believe how many people are in the band though. Must be a bitch splitting the check 8 ways.

Oh right, the new album. TSC downgrades the ska a little and has picked up the swing. I have no problem with that. The first song Mr. Huntingworth is probably the best song on the album. I felt the same way with their last album as well. My only problem with Tri-State Conspiracys music is they tend to do too many horn solos. I just cant stand solos, especially anything in the horn section. It just gets annoying to me. Other than that, this album is a hoot to listen and it will make you want to dust off your old 1998 zoot suit.

Bottom Line: Just as good as their previous album
Notable Tracks: Mr Huntingworth, 1075, Youth Culture Anthem
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