Turbulence “Songs of Solomon”

Album Reviews | May 10th, 2005

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Record Label: VP Records
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Direct from the Xterminator camp, Turbulence brings a nice new talent from
the rasta community. A new generation of roots reggae, Turbulence wants his
message to reach his fans through the mind and heart. That is one thing
that reggae artists like to preach, positively. The belief through positive
energy and consciousness can make this world a better place, which is what
Turbulence is all about. Plus if you look at a few of the pictures in the
album cover, he looks like he is either stoned or squints. I’m sure it’s
the first one. Nevertheless, his music is entertaining and has a
distinguishable voice.

Bottom Line: Fans of the Xterminator production crew will definitely dig this. Plus reggae fans worldwide will en
Notable Tracks: Slimgirl, Heartless, What Can I Do, Sun Will Come Out
Overall Rating: