Type O Negative – “Bloody Kisses” (Vinyl Re-releases)

Album Reviews | Dec 10th, 2018

Type O Negative - "Bloody Kisses" (Vinyl Re-releases)
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Genre: Gothic Metal
Record Label: Roadrunner Records, reprints by Music On Vinyl and Run Out Groove
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It’s been 25 years since the first album to reach both Gold and Platinum status for Roadrunner Records was released. On August 17, 1993, Type O Negative would release a record that was “something different” in the ways of Bloody Kisses. The album was a further departure from Peter Steele’s Metal/Hardcore/Crossover band Carnivore as Bloody Kisses took on a much more dramatic gothic sound that was heavy. In a very different way than what we heard on the first album “Slow Deep and Hard” and while there were some elements there that crossed over, Bloody Kisses was a very different experience. It produced high charting songs that actually got radio play in their full 9 to 11 minute glory, which was unheard of, especially considering there were radio edits available as singles and videos. It even got picked up by major publications and broke the metal barrier by being talked about in alternative music magazines.

As far as it comes to these 2 releases, one that was an elusive record store release; a 3 LP limited press with B-sides on green vinyl limited to 5000 copies, as well as an overseas release in silver courtesy of Music On Vinyl of 6,666 copies and they’ve repressed a lot of Roadrunner releases. These 2 were releases from a dormant band we didn’t expect. The last time we got any kind of re-releases on vinyl from the band were traditionally Record Store Day releases, whether it was the originally retailed at $225 None More Negative box set re-released in 2011 which now retails for upwards of $1000, or the Slow Deep and Hard re-release in 2014, accompanied by the B-side Deep Purple cover 7” of “Highway Star”, this was the first big move the surviving members of the band had made in over 4 years. So obviously this Run Out Groove re-release was a big deal to fans knowing the demand, as well as scam artists who went out to buy one and took picture of it on their car seat and sadly posted directly to eBay that day, with real fans like myself stalking local shops trying to pay retail vs. greedy extortionist eBay prices.

Let’s start with a bit of history as it does pertain to these releases. For starters, the silver Music On Vinyl release is a straight up re-release of the original release of the album, while the Run Out Groove release is actually a re-release and remaster on top of the 2009 Top Shelf Edition remaster and featured all the B-sides that originally came with the album singles. Again, with the history, the album was originally released with transition tracks, and the more almost Carnivore styled heavier tracks like “Kill All The White People” and “We Hate Everyone” to which were removed in favor of a digipak version that was released later on in 1994 that featured a new track “Suspended in Dusk”. The Run Out Groove release features “Suspended in Dusk” on the 3rd LP as well as the singles in addition to the original full length album in it’s original sequence on fantastic green vinyl remasters. The only complaint I and several other fans had is the tri-gatefold vinyl isn’t very faithful to the original packaging and is missing photos. The silver edition by Music On Vinyl is more of a tribute to the original release, although there is no indication of remaster other than it being on 180-gram vinyl. One of the strengths of the Silver release is it has a deluxe booklet with extra cover art takes as well as a litho with no typeset on the actual cover. It should be noted to that the Run Out Groove version is more grey scaled and has very lint hints of blue the original press had, but again, the Music On Vinyl version still has that classic blue just like the original album had. And for those not in the know the silver press is for the 25th anniversary of the album, while the green is there for gimmicky Type O Negative purposes; but considering the bands color scheme, it’s very appropriate. Also one minor gripe, the Run Out Groove release isn’t numbered, but the Music On Vinyl is, which to me is a little important when presenting a limited release, it’s the little touches like that make these releases more special.

Type O Negative - "Bloody Kisses" (Vinyl Re-releases)

Type O Negative - "Bloody Kisses" (Vinyl Re-releases)

Overall these are really great re-releases, and it’s great the surviving members of the band finally understood the fans want for more releases. Hopefully this will lead to more re-releases, as World Coming Down and Life Is Killing Me were not released on vinyl outside of the limited 1000 copy None More Negative box set. If they decide that, hopefully they won’t rely on greed driven gimmick days like Record Store Day to support those re-releases, so the fans that want it get them first. As for which one you should go for, at this point the silver has more availability at actual retail prices, but if you really want the B-sides, the Green will cost you but is very cool too, but not necessarily needed if the B-sides don’t interest you at all. Either way, it’s a great honor to have 2 choices to add a legendary classic metal album to your collection.

Notable Tracks: Black No. 1, Christian Woman, Summer Breeze, Too Late: Frozen
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