UHF “All Our Golden Tomorrows”

Album Reviews | Aug 12th, 2007

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Record Label: S/R
Genre: Psych Pop
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This took me by surprise. I didn’t want to review a band named UHF and kept this on the bottom of the pile. Finally gave them a spin, and boy did they spin me! Sorry, that was stupid – publicists, please don’t quote that line from me.

Anyway, UHF play bright n’ tight psych-pop (think Dandy Warhols meets Flaming Lips). They might seem cheesy to you tough guys out there, but they pen some sugary sweet and highly catchy tunes with the perfect amount of guitar fuzz and sonic blasts to give them just enough bite. Unlike many in this genre, the dips into spacey soundscapes never feel cold or vacant, and each song is well crafted, unique and a stand out. Listening to them is like eating a box of cupcakes on the moon.

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