Uniform Motion – “Life”

Album Reviews | May 31st, 2010

Record Label: S/R
Genre: Indie Folk
Band Link: www.uniformmotion.net
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Hushed, Shins-on-Dramamine lo-fi from this British/French duo. The music is very smooth, simple, and sugary, with soft vocal harmonies over one-note guitar picking and light jazzy drumming.

Uniform Motion’s music is part of their multimedia experience, and they perform with accompanied cutesy visual arts and live sketching. I was curious enough to check them out on YouTube and I can confirm that it’s very cute. The music alone, though, isn’t terribly engaging. The songs are too similar and the music is so light and airy that it’s almost not there.

Bottom Line: Needs less uniform, more motion.
Notable Tracks: Saving Up for Sundays, Roll Over
Overall Rating:


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