Various Artists – “Full Up: More Hits From Studio One”

Album Reviews | Nov 30th, 2006

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Record Label: Heartbeat Records
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This compilation is continuing the best-of compilation from Studio One and showcasing some of the best songs that Sir Coxsone Dodd has produced. I like these type of compilations because I don’t know a lot of these groups & artists from the early ska, rocksteady and reggae eras that much. Like the other Heartbeat Records’ Studio One Cds that are being reissued, these are all remastered and contain some extra, unreleased songs. I think it’s a nice tribute to a Jamaican Legend like Dodd.

The start of Full-Up: More hits From Studio One begins with Carlton & The Shoes with “Love Me Forever.” I can see why I never heard of a guy who’s backing band was called the Shoes. I wonder if the Wingtips or Combat Boots were part of Studio One too. Har Har! Anyway, like the other best-of Studio One album, I recognized many songs that were covered by current reggae artists & ska bands. Barrington Levy covered “What Kind of World,” Everton Blender covered “Danger In My Eyes” and Dennis Brown & many others have used this very beat in their songs as well. The Clash covered Willie Williams’ “Armagideon Time” and I think their version is a lot better than the original. But it’s still nice to hear the originals/early versions of songs. “First Cut is the Deepest” is a Cat Steven’s song I believe, and Norma Frazer covers that well but i’ve heard so many different covers of that song that it just all sounds the same to me. I found this compilation more enjoyable to listen to than the previous compilation. I think it’s because I knew more of these songs on this album. Either way, both Best-Of Studio One compilations are worthy of buying if you don’t already have them.

Bottom Line: Another great Studio One Best-of album with informative liner notes for each song!
Notable Tracks: Songs from Carlton & The Shoes, The Cables, Don Evans & The Paragons, Willie Williams, Norma Frazer, Culture, Bob Andy
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