Various Artists – “Give ‘Em The Boot V”

Album Reviews | May 26th, 2006

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Record Label: Hellcat Records
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Epitaph and Hellcat are back to bring you Give ‘Em The Boot V. I didn’t even realize there was five, where was I for four? Anyway, 18 new, rare, and unreleased tracks featured from the Hellcat/Epitaph family. There are a few new bands on the roster that haven’t been featured on the compilation
before like Orange, Time Again, The Heart Attacks, and Static Thought. From what I heard from the tracks, the bands are not much of stand out’s. I didn’t get blown away by any of them. What I did enjoy was the veteran punk and ska bands like Dropkick Murphys, Roger Miret, and The Slackers as well
as newcomers like the Horrorpops who have a cool rockabilly sound. Another band that was a nice surprise was The Aggrolites who are similar to The
Slackers, and that they are a traditional type of ska, reggae, with a touch of rocksteady. Check them out on tour this summer with The Aquabats.
Actually most of the bands will be out on tour this summer, so if you like what you hear, go see them live. For this album, it had a few good songs but other than that, I wasn’t into it. I still think Volume 1 is the best “Give Em the Boot” CD.

Bottom Line: Just an average comp for Hellcat/Epitaph with some cool songs, but overall just an okay record.
Notable Tracks: Songs by Dropkick Murphys, Tiger Army, Lars Frederiksen, The Slackers, The Unseen, Roger Mirets, Horrorpops
Overall Rating: