Various Artists – “P is for Panda Mix Tape Vol. 1”

Album Reviews | Sep 1st, 2008

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Record Label: Hopeless Records
Genre: Indie
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P is for Panda is a clothing/t-shirt company that decided to start a record label. How original. Through Hopeless Records, the company is launching their label with the P is for Panda Mix Tape, Vol. 1 featuring a lot of Indie rock artists. The compilation is 16 tracks in total from 8 up-and coming groups like Gasoline Heart, Discover America, Damion Suomi, and more!

I haven’t heard of the majority of these bands but I liked a lot of them. Some of them are a little alternative country/twangy for my liking but this album definitely breaks up the monotony of the normal stuff I have to review. I’m curious to hear full length albums from some of these bands/artists too. That’s what’s great about cheap compilations like this, is discovering new bands. One cool thing is if you buy the album on website, you can download the album and then they’ll send you the album in the mail too! That’s pretty cool and so is this album.

Bottom Line: For 2 bucks, this album is worth buying!
Notable Tracks: Miles of Grey Discover America, Rush Down My Spine – Josh Moore, Darwin Jesus the Devil and Me Damion Suomi
Overall Rating: