Various Artists – “Punk Rock Is Your Friend: Kung Fu Records Sampler No. 6”

Album Reviews | Jul 21st, 2005

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Record Label: Kung Fu Records
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23 Tracks of punk rock and for only 5 bucks! You can’t beat that, especially when there’s a lot of cool bands on here like The Vandals, Dancehall Crashers, Bouncing Souls, Tsunami Bomb, Throw Rag, Circle Jerks, H20 and more! The album has a fair share of mixture of punk on here. You got pop punk, ska punk, street and hardcore punk. I like how some songs from ‘the Show Must Go Off’ series are included as well. That’s why DHC, Circle Jerks, and The Souls are on here. Some bands on the CD annoy me though, but most music does, so that’s to be expected. The last track is a weird remix version of the Vandals’ “My Neck, My Back.” If you have the other Kung Fu comps, or you want to check out the latest roster for the label, buy this album.

Bottom Line: A Decent punk rock comp. For only 5 bucks or less!
Notable Tracks: Lost Again- Dancehall Crashers, Kids and Heros- Bouncing Souls, Hang Up- Throw Rag, World Up My Ass- Circle Jerks
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