Various Artists – “Rock Against Floyd”

Album Reviews | Nov 3rd, 2005

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Record Label: Fat Wreck Chords
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It seems one of the only good things about the Warped Tour these days is the free shit! Rock Against Floyd is a FREE Fat Wreck Chords Sampler, featuring Floyd on the cover in a Rock Against Bush spoof, which just makes me giggle. There are 11 tracks of the newest & latest songs from bands on the Fat roster. The sampler starts off with a new track from Against Me, and I wasn’t really digging it. They have some good songs but I’m not really a big fan like some of my other friends are. I was happy to see the new Real McKenzies song on here, which was the opening track “Smoking Bowl” from their new 10,000 shots album.

Believe it or not, I actually liked the NOFX song on this comp. Maybe I’m actually coming around and might even listen to a NOFX CD sometime. I really loved the tracks from Chixdiggit (which I can’t stop listening to), The Epoxies, Rise Against and Strung Out. If you went to the Warped Tour and didn’t get this free sampler from Fat Wreck, well you’re stupid and missed out. Duh!

Bottom Line: Get this FREE Sampler if you go to the Warped Tour. If not, buy all these CDs to make up for it dipshit!
Notable Tracks: For Fiona, Synthesized, Getting High on the Down Low, I Remember You, Everchanging
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