Various Artists – “Surf Roots: A Benefit for the USA Surf Team”

Album Reviews | Nov 30th, 2005

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Those surfers like some cool music sometimes. This compilation has an eclectic mix of bands on here ranging from Steel Pulse (with Damien Marley) to Slightly Stoopid. You got all types of genres on here like reggae, rock, hip hop and punk. This album was made to benefit the USA surf team, and it’s also a pretty cool album to boot. Pepper opens up the CD with “Ashes,” which is off “In With The Old.” I’m not really a fan of Pepper and think they are kind of bland, but that song sounded okay. I only just got into Slighty Stoopid this year, and really like their Sublime-ish type of music and the song they do on here is “Up on a Plane” from the “Closer to the Sun” album. It’s a slow tempo reggae rock song. The next song changes things up a bit with “Set Me Off” by the Expendables, sort of a punk rock song. And then after that is Michael Franti’s song “Feelin Free.”

You can tell just from those few songs that this comp has a lot of variety and I like that a lot. The best song on the album I think is Steel Pulse, featuring reggae sensation, Damien Marley. I love Steel Pulse and glad to see the band still making awesome music. Overall, this compilation features a lot of cool music that people will enjoy, plus buying this supports the USA surf team.

Bottom Line: A good reggae/rock comp with a bunch of reggae bands, along with bands that sound like Sublime.
Notable Tracks: Slighty Stoopid- “Up On A Plane”, Pepper- “Ashes”, Steel Pulse -“No More Weapons,” John Brown’s Body “New Blood”
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