Various Artists – “Unsound”

Album Reviews | Jun 6th, 2006

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Record Label: Epitaph Records
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The cool punk compilation formerly known as Punk O Rama is now called Unsound. Gee I wonder why the name was changed, maybe the last three compilations only featured 2 punk bands on it? Epitaph decided it was time to make money and change their lineup with bands that all sound the same….And look the same as well, just look at all the bands on their website. Plus the record label started signing hip hop groups & artists out of left field which still has me scratching my head. You want to sign rap guys, make a subsidiary of the record label for it but when people expect good old punk rock from a label that had provided it, well it’s a bit discouraging. I used to get all excited when I received Epitaph stuff in the mail but now I just dread it because every band sounds the same to me. And when I want to hear the new Bouncing Souls album, or something from Bad Religion; I don’t receive anything from them. I don’t get it, but judging by the way this review is going, I probably won’t be getting anything further from them anyway…

Let’s skim through this compilation since that’s pretty much what I did anyway. The open band on the compilation is From First To Last and then it’s Escape The Fate. Yeah I thought it was the same band when I skipped the track. Time to be original folks! I actually liked the song from Youth Group because it broke up the screaming whininess of the first three bands. At least the band sings sissy-like from the start. Though I never heard anything else from them though. The track from Motion City Soundtrack was fun to listen to because they are a little bit different than the rest of the bands on here, or at least I think so. The new Bad Religion album was great and it seems they are still riding that since “Los Angeles is Burning” is on here. I haven’t heard the new Bouncing Souls album yet but I hope it’s as good as this song! If people actually like this album, you can enjoy a bonus DVD featuring videos from most of the bands on the CD. The only one I liked was from Bad Religion. Overall, I like 4 or 5 songs and that’s pretty sad. (RIP Punk O Rama)

Bottom Line: So long Punk-O-Rama, hello…ugh bring back PUNK O RAMA!
Notable Tracks: Songs from Youth Group, Motion City Soundtrack, Bad Religion, Pennywise, and Bouncing Souls
Overall Rating: