Various Artists “Punk Goes Acoustic”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Bands that never had any balls to begin with get even more wimpier. This is the third volume in the Punk Goes..series and this time it’s bands using acoustic guitars. It’s not like I don’t like these bands on this comp. but it’s the style (acoustic) that I don’t care for. I think the best Punk Goes..Cd was the Punk Goes Metal one. I wonder what’s next in the series, Punk Goes Polka? Punk Goes Classical? Punk Goes Opera? I’d actually think those would be a funny gimmick. If you buy the Cd, you also get a free bonus Cd that’s a split Cd featuring Victory/ Fearless bands like Anatomy of the Ghost, Count The Stars, Silverstein, Spitalfield, Plain White T’s and some others. The Emo kids are gonna love this Cd.

Bottom Line: I wouldn’t buy this because I don’t really like any of these bands but these bands are popular so th
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