Various Artists “Under 16”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Positive Sound Massive
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A cool Dancehall reggae comp. CD Starts off with Barringtom Levy’s song called “Under 16” and that’s a pretty good song. Rocker T does many appearance on this comp. I think he is the one who does Version City down at Coney Island High in NYC. Ras Michael does the next song and that song is called “No Bow Down,” and I like this song out of all them. Other notables tracks are: “Bonehead’s 96(HipHop Original) Nicodemus,”Jah everlasting,” Rocker T. and Wookie J. and Belinda Perale do “Cutie Pie.” Overall, it’s a good dancehall album.

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