Album Reviews | Jul 27th, 2006

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Record Label: Side One Dummy
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Upon initial listen, I really didn’t care for VCR. With another listen, I can manage to stomach a few of their songs.

First off, synthesizers kick in almost instantly with track one titled “Rad”. I can’t take listening to synthesizers at all, but being a good sport, I continued on. The second track, “Back In Business” sounded exactly like the first song and this continued for all of the seven songs that are on the album or EP or whatever it is. VCR’s basic sound could be considered techno light rock or dance pop punk. There was a driving, head bopping beat like something from the soundtrack of A Night At The Roxbury. You could tap your feet for a few minutes, but then it just starts to get boring. I really couldn’t tell any significant difference between songs other than a few minor tempo changes with the synthesizer going haywire. The disc clock in at only 16 minutes, which was 15 minutes and 59 seconds too much.

Bottom Line: If you like dance music or if you enjoy Atari bleeps and blips nonstop throughout your music then I guess you would like this. Other than that, stay away.
Notable Tracks: “Bratcore” I guess because it’s the fastest song on the CD.
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