Versus the World “S/T”

Album Reviews | Nov 30th, 2006

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Record Label: Kung Fu Records
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Versus the World has that Kung Fu Records kinda sound. What the hell does that mean, you ask? Think Saves the Day meets the Lawrence Arms with a slight hint of Alkaline Trio in there for good measure.

Upon first listen, I wasn’t completely sold on Versus the World. I had heard them before on various compilations and such and they never managed to catch my ear. It was good to finally give a strong listen to one of their albums. Now Versus the World isn’t going to change your musical world but they are listenable. I don’t think that I would rush out and pick anything up of theirs right away…I would pick them up if I found them in the used bin. I’m not leaning in either direction on this band but like I said, I could listen to them on occasion without wanting to kill myself.

What do I like about this CD? There are lots and lots of riffs and the songs change up quite a bit without dragging on for too long. I like how some of the songs start off one way and switch over to something faster and harder. I also think that the album is a decent length at about 40 minutes. The lead vocals switch on occasion with a different singer, which changes up the status quo of the album as well. What didn’t I like about this album? There are occasions when the lead vocalist is singing, that his singing style begins to get on my nerves. It slowly grates on my nerves as the album progresses. That’s why I like the change ups so much. At times in some songs, the band tends to rely too heavily on the guitar riffs. Too many riffs at one time give me a headache.

When all is said and done, I could listen to Versus the World and then not have the urge to listen to them for a good bit afterwards. I would listen to them more than once, but not over and over again. There really wasn’t one particular song that stood out either. If you like a more mainstream radio-friendly pop/punk/rock sound like Yellowcard or Fall Out Boy, then give a listen to Versus the World.

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Notable Tracks: Is There No End, Forgive Me, Nowhere Fast
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