Vibes “Demo EP”

Album Reviews | Apr 16th, 2007

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Record Label: S/R
Genre: Pop Rock
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Only on Long Island could a band like this exist. They’re comprised of what I imagine are young 20-somethings, but they play the type of music that would accompany a video montage of a Sweet 16 from the 80s.

The singer has so much fake passion, he oughtta be my ex-girlfriend. You can just imagine this dude squinting and holding his fist to his heart while he croons his cliched lyrics about the alienation of suburbia and the yearning for “the city” (cue Subdivisions).

The first song doesn’t hold back any shmaltz with violins aplenty and a nonstop sobby wussiness. The second and third songs have more than a hint of Billy Joel, with heavy piano usage and that cool-jazz 80s drum sound. The fourth song… well, I couldn’t make it that far.

I wish I could say I can’t understand why musicians under 40 want to sound like Phil Collins, and why they think they’re going “to be the biggest band in the world” (from press kit). But I do understand, because I spent my formative years on Long Island, and on Long Island if you’re not making antiquated pop music, you’re covering it.

My rating breakdown:

1.5 stars overall
-0.5 for naming yourself Vibes and not being sassy black women
+0.5 for living on Long Island which explains a lot
Total = 1.5 stars

Bottom Line: Crooned pop for those living in the 80s. And not the cool 80s, but like, 1982.
Notable Tracks: The second song had some cool drumming for about 20 seconds.
Overall Rating: