Victorian Halls “Victorian Halls”

Album Reviews | May 16th, 2008

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Genre: Noise
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Victorian Halls is not for everyone. Or anyone. But I kinda dig it. The high-pitched shouting over percussive piano thumping and noisy drumming will turn off most people, but it becomes more accessible as you stick with it.

The singer has a Geddyrific yarl that reminds me of the dude from The Music. And the music, once I let it into my heart, made me think of Le Tigre if they did a lot of hard drugs and then went berserk and killed a bunch of people.

There are some moments of serener melody, as well as some occasional theatrical/Castlevania creepy piano lines, but this is largely a dissonant affair. However, they do manage to make it all work with some internal logic. Not bad.

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Notable Tracks: Tsk Tsk (A Crush Is A Crush)
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