Violet Vector & The Lovely Lovelies “EP I”

Album Reviews | Mar 31st, 2008

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Record Label: Holidays For Quince Records
Genre: Retro
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Irritating 60s-retro that’s trying way too hard. All the songs heavily use 60s-cliche instruments like melodica, organ, glockenspiel, cowbell, etc., which only serve to make the music terribly obnoxious. “Can You Dig It?”, as you can imagine by the cringe-worthy title, is embarrassing. While the five songs here are sunny and good-natured, none are very good. Only “Candyland”, which has a jangly upbeat, is a contender for being somewhat decent.

What really hurts the band, though, are the bland and off-key female vox, backed by other girls whose vocals distract instead of harmonize. The Pipettes could probably get away with such a cliched retro sound – these girls can’t.

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