Warriors, The “Genuine Sense Of Outrage”

Album Reviews | Sep 15th, 2007

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Record Label: Victory Records
Genre: Hardcore
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I often attack the indecipherable growl of metalcore, but luckily, The Warriors have an old-school, shouted delivery. Unluckily, though, that means you can clearly make out the very silly lyrics. So I guess there’s no way for hardcore or metalcore bands to win with me, unless they become Rush. And there can be only one Rush.

Silly lyrics aside, The Warriors are top-notch in this genre. They take the best aspects of today’s metal and hardcore and don’t go overboard on the brutality. I like the throaty vocals and background shout-alongs, the guitars do some interesting things, and they pack a lot of changes within each 2 1/2-minute song and without relying on boring, wussy breakdowns.

And, most shockingly, I actually wanted to hear one song over and over again. “Price of Punishment” is totally kick-ass. Snappy, rockin’ and catchy. And is that Lemmy singing on it? Fuck yeah!

Bottom Line: Lemmy makes everything good.
Notable Tracks: Price of Punishment, New Sun Rising
Overall Rating: