Weird Al Yankovic- “Poodle Hat”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Every 4 years or so Weird Al comes out with a new album and I think he’s made a smart choice not to release an album every year because his stuff will get stall real quick. His first single on this album is “Couch Potato,” spoofing lazy ass TV watchers like myself in the style of Enimem’s “Lose Yourself.” That prick Enimem wouldn’t let him make a video for it though because the stupid cracka doesn’t have a sense of humor. He also spoofs such crappy artists and bands like Nelly, Avril “poser” Lavigne, Billy Joel, Backstreet Boys and more awful people. “Angry White boy Polka” is a funny polka song covering all those numetal bands like Disturbed, System of the Down, P.O.D, etc. Pretty funny stuff from Weird Al, so check it out if you like his wacky hijinks. Notable Tracks: “Couch Potato” “Angry White Boy Polka” “A Complicated Song” Rating: Reviewer:

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Notable Tracks: “Couch Potato” “Angry White Boy Polka” “A Complicated Song”
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