Westbound Train – “Come and Get It”

Album Reviews | Jun 16th, 2009

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Record Label: Hellcat Records
Genre: Reggae
Band Link: www.westboundtrain.net
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“Come and Get It” is the 4th full length from Westbound Train, a ska/rocksteady band from Boston. They are another ska/reggae band that has a lot of soul, mainly from Obi, the lead singer and trombone player. It took me awhile to really like the music of Westbound Train. I don’t know why that is, I just never went back to listen to their music all that much. That’s all about to change though! I think the band have gotten better over the years. With each album, they sound more mature and with “Come and Get It,” they sound really TIGHT!

The opening track “I Don’t Belong Here” is a nice way to start things off. It’s a soulful ska ditty; yes, I just say ditty! The band clearly feels comfortable exploring different styles of reggae and ska, even adding some funky soul songs in there like the title track “Come and Get It.” They sound quite “aggro” in that track. Obi has come a long way from being in some NJ ska band (Day 19) to fronting one of the top ska acts in the country. The guy has a soothing singing voice but can raise his pipes when called for. Obi’s vocals aren’t the only one that has matured with his album, the rest of the band sound great too! I couldn’t find one bad track on this album, and I think you’ll agree with me! Check them out on the Hurley Stage at this year’s Warped Tour.

Bottom Line: Their best album to date!
Notable Tracks: I Don’t Belong Here, Check Your Time, Come and Get It, If Only
Overall Rating:


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