Western Addiction “Cognicide”

Album Reviews | Nov 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Fat Wreck Chords
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I can just tell when ‘m gonna like a band in the first 15 seconds of a CD. Western Addiction sound awesome and have that hardcore punk sound from the 1980s and early 90’s. Just straight up fast punk rock. Plus all the members of the band work at Fat Wreck and that’s where they all met so that’s pretty damn cool.

I can’t believe this is Western Addiction’s first full-length CD because they sound really good for only having one album. Though, they did release a split CD with New Mexican Disaster Squad on No Idea Records in 2004. The vocals are rough, the bass lines are heavy and the music is just short & loud! No stupid long-drawn out guitar solos or rock operas here. When listening to this band, I really think I’m listening to a band from the 80’s. I wish more bands like Western Addiction went back to this style of punk, because the scene is definitely getting weaker in music. Too many bands are too busy worrying about how they look than what music they are producing. That shit needs to stop! But i’m glad WA met at Fat Wreck and made “Cognicide” because the punk scene needs more albums like this.

Bottom Line: If you like bands like Minor Threat and Agnostic Front, then you’ll love Western Addiction!
Notable Tracks: Mailer Meet Jim, Incendiary Minds, Face Cancer
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