Wretched – “Beyond the Gate”

Album Reviews | Dec 13th, 2010

Record Label: Victory Records
Genre: Death Metal
Band Link: www.myspace.com/wretchednc
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Wretched is another death metal band that came out with a new album on Victory Records this year. While I don’t listen to death metal all that much and don’t like other death metal bands on Victory (ie. Autumn Offering), Wretched was more tolerable to listen to.

Listening to the opening track “Birthing Sloth,” I knew at least the band had some talent. The vocals are screechy but not in an annoying way. The thing that stands out to me is the drumming and the vicious guitar playing. Their style is closer to old school Thrash metal than death metal, which is maybe why I can tolerate these guys. Songs in the middle of the album like “On The Horizon,” “Part I: Aberration” and “Part II: Beyond The Gate” were interesting because they were a mix of instrumental Spanish guitar playing and metal. If they did an entire album of instrumental metal that sounded like those tracks, I would really like that.

Give Wretched a chance because I think they stand out from other metal bands and actually have some talent. Visit their MySpace page to check out some songs.

Bottom Line: Wretched don’t suck
Notable Tracks: Birthing Sloth, Cimmerian Shamballa, Part I: Aberration, Part II: Beyond The Gate
Overall Rating:


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