Young Dubliners “Real World”

Album Reviews | Feb 15th, 2005

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Record Label: Higher Octave
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At first, I didn’t like Young Dubliners last album “Absolutely.” But after listening to it many many times, I think it’s their best album. Their sound has evolved into something different than the other irish sounding bands. They have a more hard rock sound. The album starts off where Absolutely left off and they take their rocky Irish sound to new levels. The CD production is top notch, but it has that copy controlled setting on the CD. I hate that crap. You can’t listen to the CD in all types of cd players. There’s a preset cd player that it automatically plays on the computer. I don’t want that!

But anyway, back to the CD. The best song on the album is “Touch The Sky” and it has a really catchy chorus. The band has a mixture of slower rock songs, and then they have faster ones as well. The slower songs sound just as good as the other ones. Towards the end of the CD, the band covers “Waxies Dargle,” which was made popular by the Pogues. The vocals of Keith Roberts hasn’t sounded better, and the rest of the group is on top of their game as well. I hope the band continues making great CDs like this! Be sure to check the band out on tour this spring and summer.

Bottom Line: Extremely good celtic folk rock album from YD. Could be their best album? Not sure yet.
Notable Tracks: Real World, Touch the Sky, Say Its So, Come Back Home
Overall Rating: