Young Dubliners – “Saints and Sinners”

Album Reviews | Feb 2nd, 2009

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Record Label: 429 Records
Genre: Celtic Rock
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The Young Dubliners are back again, after spending a few years away writing original music. “Saints and Sinners” is the result and I think its worth the wait! In late 2007, the “Dubs” released a cover album entitled “With All Due Respect,” and featured some of the band’s favorite Irish classics, but it’s certainly great to have them back writing original songs again.

With “Saint and Sinners,” fans should come to expect what they have in the past from The Young Dubliners, the best songs out there. The new album features Eric Rigler, on the pipes and most have come to have known him from his work on “Braveheart,” “Titantic,” and “Road to Perdition,” to name a few. If you have been to a Dubs show in the past year, you may have heard some of the new songs like the crowd pleaser, “Rosie,” or “In The End.” Upbeat, catchy and infectious, the songs will have you humming them and getting stuck in your head for days. Believe me, they will and that’s a good thing.

The album kicks off with the title track “Saints and Sinners.” It’s fast, rockin’ and in typical Young Dubliners fashion. One of my favorites on the new record is “Howaya Girls,” which has a fun country hoedown vibe to it. The song is perfect to grab that lucky person standing next to you at the show and go for a dance. Kenny Wayne Sheppard is featured on the instrumental track Saoirse and it sounds a little similar to Real Worlds Banshee.” Love Anymore” is a lovely slow song, but I’d rather listen to the more upbeat tracks. Looking back at previous Young Dubliners records, “Real World” and With All Due Respect, were amazing records and I think the band has done a fantastic job at maintaining that level of excellence.

Bottom Line: One of the best Young Dubliners record to date. Every song is great!
Notable Tracks: Rosie, Howaya Girls, In the End, Buy You a Life, Saoirse, My Town
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