Zebrahead “Phoenix”

Album Reviews | Jul 10th, 2008

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Record Label: Icon MES
Genre: Punk
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Punk and Rap isn’t a combination I’d want to listen to that much. Which is probably why I never listen to Zebrahead. I don’t know what it is with Zebrahead, but I just can’t help but think that their fans are a bunch of stoner skater kids for some reason. I’m sure I’ll get tons of hate mail now. But anyway, this is the 4th release from Zebrahead, and the album is released on a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment.

From what I remembered of their last album, “Phoenix” sounds much better to me. Or maybe they are just more tolerable and less annoying now. They’re still somewhat annoying to me but just not as much as in the past. The second and third songs (“Hell Yeah,” “Just The Tip”) are probably the best songs on the album because they have some ska riffs in them. The rest of the album gets on my nerves after awhile. If you really like this album, there’s also a bonus DVD that comes included with the CD. While I think this album is better than their previous one, there’s still something I don’t like about this album & band.

Bottom Line: If you like Zebrahead, get this.
Notable Tracks: Hell Yeah, Just The Tip
Overall Rating: