Biotech I’vesting: Every I’vestor’s Guide

Book Reviews | Nov 15th, 2006

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Author: James D. McCamant
Publisher: Perseus Publishing
Genre: I’vesting
Pages: 224
Retail Price: 9.99
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While the dotcoms made all the noise during the ’90s, there was another industry that did extremely well, but performed quieter: biotech. But unlike dotcoms, biotech is still around, making big bucks for those in it for the long haul.

In this thin but information-packed guide, McCamant makes a persuasive case that biotech offers the investor one of the best high-growth, low to mid-risk investments in the long term. Besides just offering advice (which anyone can do), McCamant goes the extra distance by offering the history of the field and explaining in layman terms what these companies are actually doing. What I also like about the author is that he gives thoughtful advice in an easy-to-understand way that is far from the condescending tone you often find in investment books for beginners.

Bottom Line: Biotech investment guide for the layman
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