Gluten-Free in Five Minutes

Book Reviews | Sep 12th, 2011

Author: Roben Ryberg
Publisher: Lifelong Books
Genre: Cooking
Pages: 200

Adam Coozer here. I’ve been reviewing a lot of gluten-free cookbooks lately, and I’ve felt like a fraud since my body has no problem with the delicious, wondrous world of glutenous carbs. So I gave this book to a gluten-allergic friend for review. My friend, “I.G.” prefers to be anonymous, so let’s call her “Miss the Pizza.” Here is her review:

Another cookbook for the gluten intolerant – here’s my five-minute review:

When I glance through a gluten-free cookbook (and I’ve perused many) I want substance and style. I want to wow my friends with delicious gluten-free dishes and desserts and I want a good cookbook to show me the way. This cookbook, unfortunately, is not for a cook looking for any depth or breadth (excuse the pun) in gluten-free cooking. It’s basically a cookbook for the GF cooking-impaired or the extremely rushed. If you were to make a dish in five minutes, you’d throw some stuff in a little bowl and zap it in the microwave for 2 minutes. That’s basically this entire cookbook.

Every recipe is for one or two servings and basically includes putting a two-cup ramekin filled with some kind of GF flour (the author uses primarily sorghum or rice flour) and a liquid in the microwave. Most of the recipes have about 5-6 ingredients and 5-6 steps (three of which are to spray the ramekin, stick it in the microwave, and zap for 2 minutes).

The book is heavy on the carbs, and light on complexity. If I want rich-tasting baked goods, I’m going to use more than just one type of flour and bake it at the right temperature for that type of flour. I understand the author’s goal – to make a quick and easy guide for everyday foods that are gluten-free. But I don’t see how microwaving every single dish could make it come out as good as if you were doing it the old-fashioned way. I think it’s important to spend the time to make good breads, desserts, muffins, etc. in the oven.

Skip the cookbook and just go to your gluten-free freezer section in your market, for your quick muffin or waffle. Better yet, eat something else (like yogurt or some fruit)!

– Miss the Pizza

Bottom Line: Bad shortcuts don’t equate good food.
Overall Rating:


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