24: Season 3

DVD Reviews | Mar 4th, 2005

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Starring Kiefer Sutherland, Carlos Bernard, Elisha Cuthbert, Dennis Haysbert, Reiko Aylesworth, James Badge Dale, Paul Schulze, Sarah Clarke, Mary Lynn Rajskub, D.B. Woodside
Written By: Various people
Directed By: Joel Surnow, Robert Cochran
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24 is one of my favorite shows of all time. I got hooked on the show when my brother showed me the first season DVD. If you haven’t seen 24 yet, you’re really missing out!

Season 3 starts off 3 years after Season 2. President Palmer (Dennis Haysbert) survived the virus attack and is up for re-election now. He appointed his younger, more aggressive brother Wayne (D.B. Woodside) as his Chief of Staff. Then a virus effected body shows up at some building, and CTU is notified. Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) is a freakin’ mess now and is trying to break a heroine addiction, Tony Almeida is head of CTU and is married to Michelle. Bauer had to keep his cover in a Mexican Drug Cartel, so that’s how the drug addiction started. Jack actually has a partner now, named Chase Edmunds (James Badge Dale) who’s close to Jack and even closer to his daughter, Kim (Elisha Cuthbert). Chase hasn’t told Jack yet that he’s banging his daughter and doesn’t know how he’ll react to it. He’ll probably cut off his hand with a fire axe perhaps? I don’t know, I’m just saying! Jack got Kim a computer job at CTU so he can watch out for her. It’s not really believable for her to go through all that training in such a short time but whatever, she’s hot. I guess it doesn’t hurt to be Jack Bauer’s daughter… in some cases anyway. Jack and Chase go to some prison to meet Ramon Salazar, the Mexican Drug Cartel leader Jack put away because of his terrorists associations and other crimes he committed. They find out that Ramon might be behind the infected body left at that building earlier that day.

Season 3 of 24 was just as intense as the previous seasons. I still think the first season was the best, just because it was fresh and something innovative. Second season was awesome, just because Jack Bauer was a total badass! Plus the subject matter was scary as shit, and after 9/11, it’s something to think about. The third season felt different at first. You see Jack in a suit for a little bit, you see him really messed up with drugs, Kim has a Blondie haircut, plus Tony is head of CTU. The plot seemed a little different but still contained that intensity that I love about the series. After each episode, I frantically go on the Fox Forum’s for 24 and read what other people thought about the episode and try to read up on any spoilers. Some of them are true and some of them are not. I don’t mind a few spoilers because I’d like to know if I should like a character or not because that next moment, POOF, they might dead. Each episode keeps you guessing who’s bad, who’s good; what’s gonna happen next episode, who’s gonna come back, etc etc. My mind really freaks out when I watch this show. It’s like crack itself to me.

But anyway, Jack seems to get darker and darker with each season. At one point, I thought he was really gonna go bad. But a few episodes down the road, it all comes together and you find out things. 24 is great because there are plot twist all over the damn place and it’s when you least expect it. Previous 24 characters make appearances, and some final appearances on the show. I won’t give that away but I’m glad they finally showed some closure to some of the characters. If you are a fan, you’re probably jumping for joy. I think my favorite part of the season was the second half of it. Each episode was getting really emotional, and action-packed. You really felt the urgency on Jack Bauer, Tony Almeida and CTU’s part. The stuff at the end with Tony was strange to watch because it was usually Jack who went through that. I really like the character of Tony and hope to see him back in Season 4. I liked how the season ended on some levels but disappointed there was no plot twist like in the previous two season finales. But at the same time, i’m glad the show didn’t end up being a one trick pony and just having twists after each season. I think the season finale finally showed Jack as a human being and not some superhero ass-kicking Government machine like he usually is. I think that was a great way to end the season.

The 7th Disc of this set is solely for extras and there’s plenty of it! There’s a bunch of deleted and extended scenes, which I watched most of them so far. I wish the deleted scenes had a “play all” function though. There’s a few behind the scenes featurettes, showing how crazy it was on the set. One feature showed all the work that went into the prison Russian roulette game. The other was the military coming in and getting one of the bad guys in one of those canal trenches in Cali scene. That involved a lot of explosions and military involvement. It’s really cool to see how those things are done, and the DVD goes into great depths to show you how it’s done. There’s a documentary about real life bio-chemical viruses and it’s not for the people with weak stomachs. I skimmed through that since, well, I’m an adult with a weak stomach. The best thing on here was the special exclusive 24 season 4 prequel preview. It’s about 5 minutes long and it shows everything leading up to the next season. Jack Bauer is actually happy and looks like life is getting back on track, but not for long! Plus there’s a teaser trailer for the next season as well. I can’t wait! EEK, I’m excited.

24 Fans should get this DVD for the show itself but also because of all the extras that were put on here. If you haven’t seen 24 yet, go out and either buy the first 2 seasons, or rent them. TRUST ME! You will be hooked on this show.

Original Extended Version
Season Premiere
Over 40 Deleted Scenes
Bonus Seventh Disc With Hours of Exclusive Extras

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital 5.1 CC
ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Surround CC
SPANISH: Dolby Digital Surround CC

Widescreen 1.78:1 Color (Anamorphic)


Favorite Scenes: 4:00 P.M.-5:00 P.M., 7:00 P.M.-8:00 P.M., 9:00 P.M.-10:00 P.M., 3:00 A.M.-4:00 A.M.,
Rating: Not Rated
Running Time: 1064 minutes
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