Acquired Taste

DVD Reviews | Jul 12th, 2008

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This is a collection of videos from the Sub Pop roster. Videos include The Shins’ “New Slang” and “Pink Bullets”, Postal Service’s “Such Great Heights” and “We Will Become Silhouettes” (the two highlights of the DVD), Wolf Parade’s “Shine A Light” and more from Iron and Wine, Hot Hot Heat, The Thermals, Sleater-Kinney, Fruit Bats, Rogue Wave, etc. 25 videos in all.

Of course, it helps if you’re a fan of Sub Pop’s style of sometimes enchanting, sometimes exasperating shoegaze indie. Be prepared for videos as lo-fi as the music, with some of the more pretentious/self-absorbed bands opting for true tests of your patience, like the Constantines’ “Night Time/Anytime (It’s All Right)” which is like watching a slow slideshow of ugly abstract art. People walking aimlessly and slow camera pans of everyday objects also seem to be video motifs.

Also, even if you like the band, don’t watch the Ugly Cassanova video. Poop, bugs in poop, children playing with poop… There’s a lot of poop. Acquired taste indeed.

While I would normally rate video collections higher, I should also point out that this compilation is no-frills. Just the videos – no extras, outtakes, or interviews, and the setup/menu is the bare minimum. You might as well just find the videos on YouTube.





Favorite Scenes: The Postal Service videos are good. The Shins’ stop-motion “Pink Bullets” is striking, but sad and creepy.
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