Anti-Flag: Death of a Nation

DVD Reviews | Mar 4th, 2005

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Starring Anti Flag
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Studio: A-F Records/ Music Video Distributors
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This is Anti-Flag first ever live DVD and it was filmed during their Terror State tour around the country. Anyone punk fan should know who Anti-Flag is by now. People usually either like Anti-Flag or you hate them. I think the band is great, and I’ve liked them since “Die for the Government” got released.

Anti-Flag plays political punk rock and are very passionate and sometimes preachy about their political views. That turns off some people but not me, I like my punk music to have a little edge and attack the government & other stuff. That’s one thing punk is, it’s not about skinny twerps whining about losing their girlfriends. This DVD contains 23 songs from various concerts, so it’s not all one continuous concert. I think bands shouldn’t do that but whatever, the footage for this wasn’t bad at all. Though the audio kind of sucked. It sounded like it was a bootleg and didn’t really have any quality to it. But it’s still watchable and will please the fans. The set of songs is about an hour long and they play pretty much all their good stuff. My favorite songs on this DVD were “Turncoat,” “911 For Peace,” “Captain Anarchy,” “Tearing Everyone Down,” and “Rank-n-file.” Anti-Flag have a really exciting stage presence, and play their stuff well. I remember when they opened up for the Subhumans a long time ago, during the Die for the Government days, and sounding ok. but now their sound has been polished up, and they matured as a band. Now they are rockin’ out on stage like rockstars.

The extras feature some music videos for “Turncoat,” and previously unreleased videos for “Death of a Nation” and “Post-War Breakout. ” Those videos were cool, and had some decent collage styled animations. You can also watch behind the scenes of Turncoat, and watch them make the video. There’s also storyboards for it if you are really that interested in learning how a video is made. Besides the videos, there’s a good interview with the band. You get to know a few things about the band and the members. They talk about their political beliefs and talk about politics in general. Crap like that, I don’t know. There’s also some montage footage of “Fuck the Flag” and “Die for the Government.” Plus there’s a few other things for fans to check out. Overall, Anti-Flag compiled a good DVD, the video is good but the audio kind of sucks in some songs. Still worth buying though.

n- “Death Of A Nation” video (previously unreleased)
n- “Postn-War Breakout” video (previously unreleased with nevern-beforen-seen footage of Woody Guthrie
n- “Turncoat” video “Turncoat” video behindn-then-scenes
n- “Turncoat” video storyboards
n- Band interview
n- Live radio show
n- Behindn-then-scenes tour footage
n- War protest montage
n- Die for the Government montage
n- Fuck The Flag montage
n- Causes and activism information

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Stereo

Standard 1.33:1 Color


Favorite Scenes: “Turncoat” “Underground Network” “Captain Anarchy” “Rank N File” “That’s Youth”
Rating: Not Rated
Running Time: 120 minutes
Extras Rating:
Overall Rating: