Bad Manners: Live in Concert (Don’t Knock the Baldheads)

DVD Reviews | Sep 4th, 2005

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Starring Bad Manners
Written By:
Directed By: Dave Meehan
Studio: Music Video Distribution
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MVD is releasing a lot of ska lately and I’m gitty as a schoolgirl. Well not a schoolgirl, maybe a schoolboy. This is Bad Manners first live DVD as far as I can tell and it’s just as good as the English Beat DVD! I was supposed to see Bad Manners live once, at the New England Ska Fest in 98 but they never showed up..So I was kind of pissed but Hepcat took their place. Hepcat is great ‘n all, but they aren’t Bad Manners and I’ve seen Hepcat a few times already. Too bad they aren’t around anymore and could come out with a live DVD. I’m not sure if Bad Manners have played over here since they attempted to in ’98. Buster’s weight, I believe, has been an issue so it’s hard for him to travel. Maybe he’s concerned he’ll take down the plane hahaha. Joking joking, I love ya Buster!

The concert was filmed at The Fat Surfer in Grays, Essex and the footage looks nice. It’s presented in widescreen, like in a concert movie style. The audio sounds great and I was blaring it on my TV. Well, mainly because the asshole downstairs in my apartment complex loves to blare rap music. But those wacky fatty Bad Manners bang out 25 songs that include a lot of their hits over the years, some covers, and some instrumental tunes. They open up with “In the Mood” and get to “My Girl Lollipop,” one of my favorite songs from them. Or Millie Smalls, however you look at it. From watching this DVD, I can’t tell if Buster Blood Vessel lost weight or not, but the man is still very large. But boy, can he sure sing some kick ass 2 tone ska songs! The horn section sounds great on the DVD too. During their set, they played songs “Feel Like Jumping,” “Too Good to be True,” “Walking in the Sunshine,” “SkaVille UK,” “Wholly Bully,” and “Special Brew.” They finished the fun set with “Can Can.” I was happy to hear them play some songs off one of their newest Cds, “Heavy Petting.” They played songs like “Black Night,” “Don’t Knock The Baldheads,” and “Red River Ska.” I wish they played “Down Berry Wood,” or “Heavy Petting” because those are my favorites off that album. But I’m glad they played a lot of songs because the concert seems to go by fast. It might have been because they merged a bunch of songs together and quickly went into each one.

There’s a good interview with Buster Blood Vessel that you can watch. He talks about running for Mayor or one of those politician spots in London. He actually had a lot of support and some good ideas but eventually bowed out. The other extra is soundcheck footage, which was all right. Overall, Bad Manners fans will love this DVD and it should not be ignored by 2 tone and ska fans.

Exclusive Interview with Buster
Soundcheck Footage

1. In The Mood
2. Echo 4 + 2
3. This Is Ska
4. My Girl Lollipop
5. Fatty Fatty
6. Black Night
7. Feel Like Jumping
8. Walking In The Sunshine
9. Skaville U.K.
10. King Ska-Fa
11. Pipeline
12. Red River Ska
13. Too Good To Be True (Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You)
14. Just A Feeling
15. You Fat Bastard
16. Skinhead Girl
17. El Pussycat
18. Ne-Ne Na-Na Na-Na Nu-Nu
19. Don’t You Be Angry
20. Woolly Bully
21. Special Brew
22. Don’t Knock The Baldheads
23. England Football Medley:
– Tom Hark
– March Of The Mods
– The Great Escape
– Come On Eileen
24. Lip Up Fatty
25. Can Can

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital 5.1
ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Stereo

Widescreen 1.85:1 Color


Favorite Scenes: My girl Lollipop, Fatty Fatty, Just a Feeling, Skaville UK, Skinhead Girl, Lip Up Fatty
Rating: NR
Running Time: 125 minutes
Extras Rating:
Overall Rating: