Benny Hill, Complete And Unadulterated: The Hill’s Angels Years – Set Six

DVD Reviews | Feb 2nd, 2007

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Starring Benny Hill, Pamela Cundell, Yvonne Dearman, Moira Foot, Denise Gyngell, Chai Lee, lots of women in their underwear
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Studio: A&E Home Video
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I remember watching The Benny Hill Show a lot when I was growing up. It was on PBS at some point, and then on Comedy Central back on the station’s early years. Then the show wasn’t really being syndicated for awhile so it’s been awhile since I’ve seen the show again. There has been 5 previous sets of the Benny Hill Show, and this is the final DVD set of the show. From what I can remember, there has always been sketches that made me howl with laughter and then there was times when I had to fast forward a lot of sketches. The show is a little outdated now but mostly the humor is still hilarious.

If you don’t remember Benny Hill, he was a British comedian/actor who had a show that was really wacky and really funny as well. It was a variety show with singing and dancing, scantily clad woman, dirty old men and lots and lots of perverted jokes. Benny Hill hosted the show and played many of the characters in the sketches. Besides having a memorable theme song, he was also known for his Charlie Chaplin style of comedy. Some of the sketches didn’t have any dialogue at all and everything was done in high speed. There was sound effects and other noises but everything was usually done by sight gag or sound effect. There’s also other sketches where Benny Hill plays old women, businessman from America and other things like that. At the end of each show, Benny would get chased around by everyone he pissed off and it was the best part of the show (well besides the hot women of course).

While Benny Hill was a comedic genius, I remember his show being a lot funnier than it is now. Perhaps this was the last season and the jokes weren’t as funny as his earlier stuff. I remember not always liking every sketch because there were a lot of singing & dancing. That stuff just wasn’t funny to me and still isn’t. This season seemed to have a lot of it too. But the part I always did remember from the Benny Hill Show was the high speed sketches. Not every comedy has to have dialogue in it to be funny, and Benny Hill was the king of sight gags. There was usually two or three high speed sketches in the show, not all of them were funny but the majority were. Another reason why I liked watching the Benny Hill show was because of my Grandfather loved the show. Of course my Grandmother didn’t like my Grandfather watching it, but it was a good bonding experience watching the Benny Hill Show with him. Other parts of the show I liked was when Benny Hill did normal stand up, and when he talked with “Hills Little Angels.” The Benny Hill Show will definitely make you giggle.

On the third disc, there’s two bonus features. There’s three women from Hill’s Angels, and they discuss being on the show with Benny Hill, and the man himself. For being quite older, they still look beautiful but then again, I like older women teehee. The other featurette is a quiz and if you get the wrong answer, there’s a video clip of Benny banging his head on the hood of a car.

Overall, I remember the show being a lot funnier when I was younger but that’s not to say there are still plenty of laughs on this DVD set. If you currently own the other seasons on DVD, then be sure to get this as well. It is the last season of the Benny Hill Show after all.

Hill’s Angels: In Conversation Featurette
The Benny Hill Cheeky Challenge Trivia Quiz # 6
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