Beverly Hills 90210: The Complete First Season

DVD Reviews | Nov 20th, 2006

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Starring Luke Perry, Shannen Doherty, Tori Spelling, Jennie Garth, Jason Priestley, Brian Austin Green, Ian Ziering
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Studio: Paramount
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From BMW’s & Corvette’s to plastic surgery & large bank accounts, most people would think this is the scene of a Huge Hollywood Movie Set full of A list celebrities, unless, you’re a student at West Beverly Hills High School, located in the ever so famous Beverly Hills, 90210. The home of Brandon and Brenda Walsh (Jason Priestley and Shannen Doherty), the twins from Minnesota, Dylan McKay (Luke Perry), the Bad boy, Kelly Taylor(Jennie Garth), the spoiled rich girl, Steve Sanders(Ian Ziering), the class clown, Donna Martin(Tori Spelling), the clueless one, David Silver(Brian Austin Green), the nerdy freshman and Andrea Zuckerman(Gabriela Carteris), the over achiever.

The First Season of 90210 starts of by following the twins, Brandon and Brenda Walsh, as they move from Minnesota to Beverly Hills after their father, Jim Walsh, uproots the family from their comfort zone due to a job transfer. They make new friends and new loves. Try new things as well as old ones to fit in.

It seems to start off typical enough for any new 16 year old starting a new school in a new town with no friends. Until they pull into the parking lot on the first day of school, driving a chocolate brown chevette that barely made it there in the first place, full of Mercedes, BMW’s Porsche’s and Corvettes. Walking through the hallways filled with students who look like they walked out of a fashion show rather than students in High School. Where students are rarely talking about summer getaways with their families, more so about their summer facial reconstruction and daddy’s new platinum card. I could only imagine the difficulties. High School alone is hard enough.

On the other had, I’m not really sure if, for the most part, it really is any different from any other High School. You meet new people, you have hundreds of crushes, you seem to learn some of those “little” life lessons that your parents try to teach you to look out for. You experience peer pressure and self consciousness. The only difference is….In Beverly Hills….you have $$$ and lots of it.

Brandon and Brenda go through such a culture shock when they move but after a few months they really do seem to fit in and adapt to their life there. Brenda falls in love with the town bad boy, Dylan, she meets and becomes Best Friends with the popular girls, Kelly and Donna. Brandon, the responsible twin, gets a job at the Peach Pit, the local hangout, and becomes Best Friends with the class clown, Steve and the over achiever, Andrea. The seven of them start to grow on each other and learn from each other just as any other high school “click” does. They experience teenage pressures like sex, drugs, drinking and stealing just like any other 16 year old.

The entire first season of Beverly Hills 90210 consists of 22 episodes, special features about the cast and productions as well as an entire season recap. I personally was a 90210 junkie growing up, but I don’t remember it being so dramatic. I guess 16 years ago I really had no clue as to what was really going on. Ohhh my how times have changed.

Beginnings with Darren Star Featurette
Meet the Class of West Beverly High
90210 Behind-the-Scenes Featurette
Commentary by Darren Star on Selected Episodes
Looking Back: Season One – The Recap

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