Birdman And The Galaxy Trio: The Complete Series

DVD Reviews | Jul 30th, 2007

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Starring Keith Andes, Don Messick, John Stephenson, Dick Beals, Ted Cassidy
Written By:
Directed By: Joseph Barbera, William Hanna
Studio: Warner Brothers
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BBBBIIIIRDDDDDDD—-MAN! There’s only been a few episodes of Birdman that I have seen. While I think he’s not the best superhero from Hanna Barbera collection, the cartoon is still fun to watch for nostalgic reasons. As far as the Galaxy Trio, well they are okay but I never really watched their cartoons until now.

Before Birdman was an attorney at law, he had another job. He was a superhero who got his powers from the sun. He had a pet eagle called Avenger and together they fought villains like Dr. Millenium, Number One, Vulturo, and others. He can shoot sun rays out of his hands and get his enemies that way but there are other ways he can capture his bad guys. Birdman works for some top secret government and take orders from some guy with an eye patch. He worked for a pirate? The Galaxy Trio consist of Meteor Man, Gravity Girl and Vapor Man and they were galaxy police so to speak. The DVD contains all episodes from the shows and like other Hanna Barbera shows, the cartoons were broken up into three segments. You get two Birdman cartoons and in between those is the Galaxy Trio.

After seeing a bunch of Birdman epsiodes, I liked his episodes a lot better than the Galaxy Trio’s. The only thing I never really liked in Birdman was his stupid bird call. BBBBIIIIRDDDDDDD MAN! It just gets annoying after awhile and it’s kind of pointless because he’s pretty much giving away his position to the enemy. But Birdman looked pretty cool, but I thought the Galaxy Trio was poorly animated. I guess when it comes down to it, the only real reason why someone would want to get these DVDS is for nostalgic reasons. I don’t know, maybe people really do like Birdman and The Galaxy Trio, and that’s why Warner Brothers has released the cartoons. Or they could be capitalizing on the fact that Harvey Birdman is pretty popular on Adult Swim.

Extras on the DVD include a featurette on Birdman: The Forgotten Hero. It’s a decent bonus feature because people that worked on the show talked about the two cartoons. The one guy in the featurette said that pretty much anyone really remembers from the show is the bird call and I think he’s right because that’s all I really remembered. I don’t even think I remembered the Galaxy Trio when I used to watch the Birdman cartoons. But the featurette is under a little under 10 minutes long. The other extra on the DVD set is some trailers, but honestly, that’s not really an extra in my mind.

If you like Birdman and the Galaxy Trio as a kid, or happen to see the cartoons on Cartoon Network/Boomerang; than this would be a cool DVD to set own.

Birdman: The Forgotten Hero: The Evolution of a Character, with a Focus on Legendary Cartoonist Alex Toth’s Original Contribution

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Mono CC

Standard 1.33:1 Color


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Rating: NR
Running Time: 420 minutes
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