Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again

DVD Reviews | Mar 4th, 2005

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Starring Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy, Bill Engvall, Ron White
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Directed By: C.B. Harding
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The successful redneck tour is back with an all new DVD with new stand-up acts from Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy, Bill Engvall and Ron “” White.

On top of having a successful comedy tour for a few years, the hick comedians are now venturing off into sketch comedy on the WB/Comedy Central. From what I hear, it has been getting pretty good ratings too. It’s cool to see this type of comedy do good. Not everyone is into the whole “redneck” thing but I certainly find it funny. I wouldn’t consider myself a redneck, far from it actually, but I can relate to some of the things they talk about.

The DVD starts off with the guys on the tour bus, deciding which comedian is going to headline since Jeff Foxworthy hates it so much. Larry The Cable Guy gets the honors this time around. Bill Engvall opens the show up and does a great job. He’s one of my favorites out of the bunch. His material is more about family and relationships than redneck related stuff. Though he does throw in some southern redneck humor into the topics of discussions. Engvall performs some new stuff along with some old bits like taking his wife hunting. The bit is really good and one of my favorite’s from him. Check out the hunting bit on the “Dorkfish” CD or you can just watch it on this DVD. Jeff Foxworthy was up next and he performed most of his material from his new CD. He talks about funerals, his children a little bit and the difference between being gay and being married. The way he does the “gay or married” shtick is the same way he does, “you might be a redneck.” It looks like he’s even getting sick/running out of ideas for the redneck jokes. I’m sure he also doesn’t want to be a one trick pony either. I prefer his other stand ups but this particular stand-up is still really funny.

Ron White was in prime form again, and made me laugh a lot. I always liked him the least out of the Blue Collar group but he’s getting funnier and funnier to me. I always like when he talks about his former in-laws. He reminds me of that creepy old guy at the end of the bar. Smoking & drinking, and hitting on the young girls and bullying the jukebox with country tunes. Larry the Cable Guy is probably the biggest redneck out of the bunch. He looks it, talks it and plays the part well. Some of his jokes fall flat but sometimes they are a riot. And I still don’t know what the hell the “git-r-done” thing is all about. Plus he’s always apologizing to the pygmies in new guinea for some reason. I don’t know, I guess it’s an inside joke that only hicks know. His off-the-wall analogies are hysterical too. Just like the last Blue Collar DVD, they all come back at the end and tell jokes together. Larry the Cable Guy has an acoustic guitar that he “plays” and the rest sing with him. They do this bit called “I Believe” and it’s okay. I rather have them tell jokes like the way they did in the other DVD. Though, I think it’s great for them to combine forces and come up with jokes together. At one point in the encore portion of the show, some girl yelled “I LOVE YOU LARRY” to Larry the Cable Guy. He then replied the way any redneck would…”I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO WAIT IN THE CAR! Now that’s funny!

All in all, This DVD is just as good as the other Blue Collar Comedy Tour and it’s always fun to hear new stand up acts from these guys. Even if you some of the bits were done before, it’s still funny to hear. At least for me anyway. If you are a redneck, or actually get some of these jokes, definitely get this DVD. The Blue Collar comedians don’t always do redneck jokes though so if you have an open mind towards comedy, worth checking out.


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Favorite Scenes: My favorite is Bill Engvall talking about going hunting with his jogging suit wearing wife. Foxworthy’s Gay or Married stuff was funny.
Running Time: 106 minutes
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