Bones: Season Two

DVD Reviews | Aug 31st, 2007

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Starring Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz
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Studio: 20th Century Fox
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How often does the average citizen get to watch an anthropologist at work? How often does ANYONE get to see an anthropologist working on a homicide case? In the hit televisions series, BONES, the answer is a whopping 21 times during the 2006-2007-television season.

Last year, I had the distinct pleasure of reviewing Season One of this series. I loved it!!! There was something for everyone in the way the regular characters were developed and interplayed with each other. I felt that the show’s producers had found a masterful recipe for a success television program.

Take one beautiful, extremely intelligent, and painfully honest, and practical anthropologist; add a sexy no nonsense FBI agent who is a veteran of Desert Storm; combine both with the beautiful anthropologist’s sweet, artistic, and comely best friend; mix all of the above with a young, brilliant nerd working on his doctorate; blend in a secretly filthy rich, and obviously very bright chemist, and you have the makings of a wiz bang, hoppin’ good hour of television viewing.

Just between you and me, I think Season Two may be even better than Season One. And, boys and girls, to put the icing on the cake, in Season Two the producers inserted into the mix the beautiful, worldly, and by the books, former chief medical examiner of New York City, the actress Tamara Taylor. Even more exciting is the fact that Ms. Taylor’s character is the former lover of our dashing FBI agent.


From a technical stand point, each segment is done in a very well put together manner. Each episode is like a mini-movie. The quality of the sets and special effects are great. The dialogue is fresh and often witty. I do not know who the writing team is, but they deserve a big hand for the excellent job they do. But, what impresses me even more than all that is the acting. Where did they find such a terrific ensemble of thespians? Briefly, let me share their names and the roles they play.

Besides the aforementioned Tamara Taylor, who by the way had a small role in the Fire Fly motion picture, there are the shows two stars, Emily Deschanel, as anthropologist, Dr. Temperance Bones’ Brennan, and David Boreanaz as the FBI Agent, Seeley Booth. Both are wonderful and appealing actors. Supporting them, with great acting agility are: Eric Millegan who plays the intern and doctoral candidate, Zack Addy. The actor, TJ Thyne, plays Dr. Jack Hodgins. This man has given some Oscar worthy performances this season. Twice, I was moved to tears. There is a naturalness and power within him that has manifested in some really superb acting. Michaela Conlin plays Angela Montenagro, Dr. Brennen’s best friend. She is the worldly, yet soulful part of the team. Her performances are so natural I was often unaware that she was acting. Yet, there were times when she exuded an understated passion that was very moving. And, finally, there is Tamara Taylor as the newly appointed head of the dept at the Smithsonian. Initially, I did not see any reason to add a new player to the mix. But, Ms. Taylor is a very fine actress. She is every bit up to the task of making the smart and potent dialogue come alive. And, when she speaks, the words are refreshing like a sparkling pool of water on a hot, summer day.

As in all crime series, the usual drama unfolds. However, with this cast, it unfolds with a warmth and flair that only truly good actors can manifest. There is a sense of comradary and loyalty within the team. I had fun watching the characters maneuver around all kinds of awkward personal life situations. I also found myself on the edge of my seat many times as the team raced against time to find a murderer and save the life of a potential victim.

Murder and mayhem, lust and love, friendship and sex, all abound in Season Two. And, this group of actors carry it off with great a plume. I highly recommend BONES, Season Two. Buy it for yourself. Purchase it for a friend. It is a satisfying watching experience.

Happy viewing.


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