Bosom Buddies: The First Season

DVD Reviews | Mar 23rd, 2007

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Starring Tom Hanks, Peter Scolari, Holland Taylor, Donna Dixon, Wendie Jo Sperber, Telma Hopkins
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Studio: Paramount/ CBS
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Do you remember Tom Hanks when dressed up in drag on a sitcom? No? Well now you can familiarize yourself with a funny but outdated sitcom starring actor extraordinaire Tom Hanks and that other guy. It’s been ages since I saw an episode of Bosom Buddies, but it makes me wish Tom Hanks did more comedies.

Bosom Buddies is about two friends who work at the same job and one day find out their apartment building is getting knocked down. So they have to find a new apartment in very little time, plus New York City isn’t exactly the easiest place to find an apartment so quickly. Their female friend suggest that they move into her nice apartment building, plus the rent is really cheap. The only catch is it’s a women only building. Its desperation time for Henry (Peter Scolari) and Kip (Tom Hanks), so in order to rent a room they take on the dual persona of Hildegaard and Buffy from Canada. Besides trying to be successful at their ad agency jobs, they have to go undetected at their apartment and make sure they don’t give away that they are men. Of course, living with a bunch of women has it’s temptations, especially from the hot Sonny played by Donna Dixon.

After not seeing the show for many many years, it’s slowly coming back to me on what I remembered about Bosom Buddies. As a kid, I remembered the hot Donna Dixon, who always walked around in skimpy aerobics clothing. Hey, I was a perverted kid okay! That one scene in the first or second episode, where the two guys have shaving cream on their face and singing “Macho Man” was another thing I remember for some reason. I remember the opening sequence and theme song. At first I didn’t recognize the theme song on the DVD and then I realized, Billy Joel’s “My Life” was the theme song for the show! The theme song on the DVD just sounds lame! I think it was used in the syndication episodes since it’s probably a fortune to keep the rights to the song. Maybe TV shows have had this problem in the past. But there is that skip to the next scene button. I have been hitting that so I don’t have to hear the theme song again. Watching the series now makes me scratch my head because Peter Scolari had some pretty crazy clothes on. I can’t believe straight men in the 80’s wore stuff like that! A few times in the show they address Henry’s manliness and I don’t blame people for questioning it haha. I think the show is a bit outdated now and I cringe at some jokes and outfits. But I think the chemistry of Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari kept the show funny, even though the lines and jokes weren’t that original or funny. Just like any sitcom starting out, the first few episodes aren’t as good. But as you watch more and more, the show gets better.

Bosom Buddies First Season is a funny show, mainly because of Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari’s comedic acting and chemistry. If you enjoyed the show when it first aired or perhaps in syndication; then be sure to get the first season on DVD.


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Standard 1.33:1 Color


Favorite Scenes: Loathe the Neighbor, Macho Man, Gotta Dance, Kip Quits
Rating: NR
Running Time: 478 minutes
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