Boy Meets World: Season 3

DVD Reviews | Sep 11th, 2005

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Starring Ben Savage, Rider Strong, Danielle Fishel, William Russ, Betsy Randle, Will Friedle, William Daniels
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Studio: Buena Vista/ Disney
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With the success of the first two seasons on DVD, BOY MEETS WORLD season 3 is probably the last year the show was hilariously great. This season contains all 22 episodes from the third season and has one pop quiz about the show for a special feature. Kinda weak if you asked me. Could have had more extras but the real sell is the show itself.

In season 3 of Boy Meets World, we watch as Cory and Topanga’s relationship grows, Minkus is practically non-existent, and Sean goes to live with their English teacher, Mr. Turner. That’s kind of creepy if you ask me but this is just a TV sitcom and not real life. Not sure how the real world would handle that now. The series also includes some great guest appearances from Charisma Carpenter (Buffy and Angel), Brittany Murphy (Uptown Girls, Just Married etc), Richard Karn (Home Improvement), Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork, and Davy Jones (3 of the The Monkees), Mena Suvari (American Pie), Pat Morita (Karate Kid Series) and Shane West (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen). This season is just great and fun to watch. The boys, as well as Cory’s brother Eric, always, get into all sorts of comical hi-jinx, mostly with Principal Mr. Feeny and the Matthews family. And Shawn tries to bring his estranged family back together. Real issues were brought up a lot, but not too over the top. But it helped get the characters fleshed out and showed the viewers that even TV teens deal with tough issues sometimes. But the overall show was still entertaining, even with all the teen issues.

This DVD is a must buy for all fans of this show, as well as those of us who are still stuck in the times of the good TGIF line up! It’s still is one of the best “teen” shows that was ever on ABC. Because, well, let’s face it, Urkel may have been lovable in season one of Family Matters, but after one episode you wanted to kill the damn bastard. At least Minkus’ character in this show wasn’t THAT bad.

“The World According To Boy” Pop Quiz — Answer these quiz questions correctly and you’ll graduate John Adams High with honors.

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Favorite Scenes: Dont have any specific favorite since Ive seen them all thousands of times on TV, but each one has some classic mischievous adventure with Cory and Sean
Rating: NR
Running Time: 491 minutes
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