DVD Reviews | Mar 4th, 2005

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I would say, one of the best movies in history, and also, one of the most violent ones too. Great story, tremendous fight scenes, and a true hero equals an excellent movie! Mel Gibson is such a great actor and too see him direct this epic is really amazing. I think James Horners’ score helped out the movie a lot and I do believe he won awards for it if I’m not mistaken. Actually, the movie won 5 Academy Awards. I actually never saw the whole movie from start to finish but have seen the whole movie in different spots. Another excellent feature on this DVD is the half hour documentary on the making of it and another good quality on this is Mel Gibson’s audio commentary. The technical parts to this DVd is nice. Good sound and nice transfer to DVD because the picture is clear. It’s remarkable to see The Battle of Stirling so crisp and clean. Fans of this movie should not ignore this and buy it immediately because it’s truly a wonderful film, and a great DVD to own.

n- Widescreen Version: 16 x 9
n- Scene Selection
n- 2 Trailers Commentary by Mel Gibson
n- A Filmmaker’s Passion: Making Braveheart




Favorite Scenes: The Battle of Stirling is also a classic part of the movie
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