Carlos Mencia: Not For The Easily Offended

DVD Reviews | Jun 8th, 2005

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Starring Carlos Mencia
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I first heard about Carlos Mencia from the Opie and Anthony show. Each time he was on, he would have the listeners bent over in laughter or severely pissed off at him! Well I’m not on the pissed off side because I think Carlos Mencia is hilarious and makes a lot of great points too!

If you don’t know anything about Carlos Mencia, he’s a Mexican comedian who likes to offend a lot of people…Well he justs says what he thinks. He uses his Mexican background to relate with today’s events. He focuses on every racial stereotype out there, and doesn’t let one group off easy. Some comedians will just talk about one race, and how they are different to their race. It gets very tiresome and it’s bits like “oh white people do this, and black people do that.” That gets tiresome but Carlos talks about race, and stereotypes in a different way, that I’m sure will get at least one person complaining and pissed off. That’s one of the things he opens with, saying that you’ll love 75 percent of his act, but there will be one joke where you want to jump on stage and beat him up.

Carlos vents about a lot of things like creepy pedophiles like Michael Jackson, the shitty educational system America has, racial profiling and other social topics that have been in the news lately. Carlos tends to use this retarded voice to show how dumb people. It’s funny the first couple of times but it gets outplayed after awhile. The set goes for about an hour and Carlos covers a lot of ground. What I like about Carlos Mencia is how he’s not afraid to say how he feels. Even if that means stepping on some toes. I always felt, if it’s funny, I don’t care how racist or wrong it is to laugh at a joke. Plus I have a really dark sense of humor as well. Some of the comedians I think Carlos has a similar style to are Chris Rock , Jim Norton and even George Carlin. Similar in that they don’t give a shit what they say and certainly don’t care of the repercussions.

The extra included on the DVD is a behind the scenes look of Carlos on the road & doing his daily routine. First half is Carlos going on the wacky radio stations and doing what he does. I can’t possible imagine myself doing that and saying the same thing over and over again. Carlos tries to switch it up for each radio station it seems though. Then you see Carlos hanging out with metal rock band POD, played some ping pong and picked out some t-shirts he was going to wear on stage when he performed. Then you see him hanging out in his dressing room, partying it up with food and midgets. Yeah I’m not lying about the midgets either haha. It’s a cool half hour’s featurette worth checking if you want to know what Carlos does during the day.

Overall, this DVD is the next best thing to seeing Carlos perform live. I haven’t seen Carlos Mencia live but I might have to the next time he’s in the area. Fans of racial humor will get a kick out of this performance. Check out a flash e-card for the DVD here:

Hangin’ With Carlos Featurette

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Favorite Scenes: I like the bits on racial profiling, pedophiles, and the educational system.
Rating: NR
Running Time: 100 minutes
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