Circle Jerks: Live at the House of Blues

DVD Reviews | Apr 10th, 2005

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Starring Circle Jerks, Punks, Assholes who spit
Written By:
Directed By: Joe Escalante
Studio: Kung Fu Records
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Circle Jerks could very well be the funniest band name ever, or the absolute worst. If you don’t know what it means, well I’m not going to tell you. It will sound like this is something I do regularly and I’m not going to do that. I’m not THAT stupid. So let’s continue on with the band the Circle Jerks shall we. I started to listen to the Circle Jerks late elementary school, thanks to my older brother who got me into punk rock. I listened to the “Golden Showers” CD a lot and loved the track “Coup D’Etat.” The other album I liked a lot was “IV” and it has probably my favorite Circle Jerks song on there, “Beat Me Senseless.”

This DVD is the 16th volume in the successful Show Must Go Off Series and this is a band that deserves to have their own live DVD. There have been some bands that I don’t think deserved to have a live DVD in this series but I’m not going to name them. I probably say this every Kung Fu DVD review, but Joe Escalante and Kung Fu truly make the best live DVDs I’ve ever seen. The shots are really professional and lots of great camera angles. Puts other concert DVDs to shame.

The Circle Jerks play a bunch of songs and play them well. They play some of my favorites like “Coup D’Etat” “Shit Hits the Fan” and Beat Me Senseless. I’m kind of surprised they didn’t play “Live Fast Die Young” or “Love Kills.” Those are some other songs I really like from the Circle Jerks. Even that most of the band members are pushing 40 now, they still know how to rock out! Keith Morris still has a great voice and screams a lot still. I think He has one of the most recognizable voices in punk rock. I wish I saw them play when they came around to NYC last year or so. At one point in the concert, Keith Morris got pissed and yelled at the crowd for spitting on them. I never got that part of “punk.” It’s just stupid and immature. But anyway, the overall performance was awesome!

With all Kung Fu releases, there’s band commentary but I didn’t get to listen to it this time. I wanted to watch the concert instead. There’s behind the scenes footage of the band before the show. You see them making fun of themselves for being old and doing yoga. There’s multi-angle feature where you can watch all the different camera angles of a song as well.

If you like the Circle Jerks and didn’t get a chance to see them live during this tour, or at all..It would be an excellent idea to get this DVD and watch it.

Band commentary
Photo gallery
Extra footage

Track Listing:

1. Letter Bomb
2. In Your Eyes
3. Stars and Stripes
4. All Wound Up
5. I Don’t
6. Back Against Wall
7. Behind The Door
8. I Just Want Some Skank
9. Beverly Hills
10. Anxious Boy
11. I, I, and I
12. Paid Vacation
13. Deny Everything
14. Destroy You
15. The Crowd
16. Beat Me Senseless
17. Wild in the Streets
18. Trapped
19. Coup De’ ET AT
20. Shit Hit’s the Fan
21. Operation
22. Junk Mail
23. World Up My Ass
24. Solitary Confinement
25. Wasted
26. Red Tape
27. Nervous Breakdown

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Stereo

Standard 1.33:1 Color

English, Japanese

Favorite Scenes: In Youe Eyes, Back Against Wall, Beat Me Senseless, Shit Hits the Fan
Rating: NR
Running Time: 0 minutes
Extras Rating:
Overall Rating: