Dance Hall Crashers: Live at the House of Blues L.A.

DVD Reviews | Aug 27th, 2005

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Starring Dance Hall Crashers, A bunch of punks & rudegirls/boys
Written By:
Directed By: Nate Weaver
Studio: Kung fu Records
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Figures, I get into the Dance Hall Crashers when they don’t play too much anymore. I liked a few songs of theirs back in their heyday, but I was never a big fan of female singers in ska/punk bands until only a few years ago. Now they are part of the ‘Show Must Go Off’ series on Kung Fu Records, and fans will be really please! This is the 18th episode in the series, and Kung Fu continues to deliver top notch performances from some of the best bands in the scene. Granted, Dance Hall Crashers aren’t a bigger force than they used to be in the scene; but it’s still nice for the band to finally get a live DVD. I remember seeing them once, and that was at my first Warped Tour back in 1996. I remember hearing them with horns on a compilation, so I was wondering where the horns went to haha. But I still enjoyed their set back then. Damn, that’s almost ten years! Jesus I’m getting old.

Anyway, The Dance Hall Crashers cover a lot of material with their live set and play a lot of the fan favorites. Some of the songs include “Othello,” “Next To You,” “My Problem,” “Make Her Purr.” They played for over an hour and it was a fun set. Are Dance Hall Crashers even together anymore, I don’t know? But if you never saw the band perform before, this DVD would be a great thing to get and see DHC in action!

Like with other Show Must Go Off episodes, this live show looks AMAZING on DVD, and the direction is excellent. Lots of different angles and cool shots. The colors of the stage lights are vibrant on the DVD as well. Sometimes the video is grainy but that’s just the style of the director. There’s some audio commentary on the DVD that I have yet to listen to but I will at some point. There’s one or two other things on the DVD as well but the real selling point is the concert. If you are a fan of the Dance Hall Crashers, this DVD is not to be ignored! Get It!

-Band Commentary
-Photo Gallery
-Extra Footage

Track Listing:
1. Lost Again
2. Buried Alive
3. Elvis & Me
4. The Real You
5. Next to You
6. Queen for a Day
7. Triple Track
8. Cold Shower
9. Good For Nothing
10. Don’t Call
11. Cat Fight
12. Sticky
13. Enough
14. Make Her Purr
15. Truly Comfortable
16. Othello
17. Skinhead BBQ
18. The Truth About Me
19. Go
20. Don’t Wanna Behave
21. My Problem
22. He Wants Me Back
23. DHC




Favorite Scenes: Othello, Next To You, My Problem, Make Her Purr
Rating: NR
Running Time: 0 minutes
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