Dave Attell’s Insomniac Tour Presents: Uncensored

DVD Reviews | May 2nd, 2006

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Starring Dave Attell, Dane Cook, Greg Giraldo, Sean Rouse
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Studio: Paramount/Comedy Central
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Unlike most comedy tours, this one is different from the rest. These comics are friends but have hardly performed together. Live and direct from the land of debauchery, Las Vegas, Dave Attell and friends deliver their hard hitting, raunchy humor about what is near and dear to everyone: sex, alcohol, gambling, partying, and marriage. What a perfect match for this tour and how the comics can relate to the city with their humor.

Dave Attell stars in this comedy special, and now extended uncensored DVD, with the Insomniac Tour. Featuring some of the biggest and edgy comics around the scene today, Attell and co. perform in front of a very drunk audience. At times, it seems the comics are trying their hardest to get laughs out of this group of alcoholics and drug addicts, and I think the best one to bring the crowd out of their seats is comic superstar, Dane Cook. Dave Attell, who I usually really like his stand up, had a tough time serving as MC and doing material. He was having fun but the jokes for me fell flat most of the time. I did like his joke about eating penguin, it’s just as good as healthy food like chicken and tuna, why not combine the two? For the most part, Attell was out to serve and set up the other comics and deal with the drunken buffoons in the crowd. Sean Rouse was the first comic up and I didn’t really get into his act too much. He talked about typical topics like drugs, and marriage. The same topics were broadly touched upon by all of the comics, and generally were related to Las Vegas which is known for its crazy atmospheres and behaviors. Greg Giraldo was up next and was much funnier than Sean. Most know Greg from his numerous appearances on Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, and the late night talk show circuit. Greg is a funny comic that mixes politically humor and general observations, like gay marriage, partying, and racial issues. The headliner was Dane Cook and rightfully so as he was the best of the night and has risen to stardom amongst stand up comedians. With a hit tour and record selling CD behind him, Dane now has his HBO documentary series ahead of him as well as a huge HBO comedy special taped in Boston. Fans love Dane and Dane eats it up as he’s overly energetic and theatrical with his delivery of jokes and physical humor. The crowd actually awoke from their drunken stupor for Dane’s performance. Dane hit on some great topics like partying, and how they can go wrong. I laughed when he said he could never have a party because he is constantly looking to see what was stolen or broken. That is me when I host people over my house. Overall, all the comics performed well one after another and would be cool to see this show going on the road further.

Only a few extras to talk about which included some exclusive backstage footage with brief interviews with the comics, as well as the after party and on the town Vegas footage. Footage included a few funny lines and some cute girls which didn’t make the cut as far as the special is concerned. Plus with each of Comedy Central’s DVDs you get quickies featuring previews of shows on the network as well as previews for upcoming releases.

Although, the show featured some of the funniest comedians around, I wasn’t laughing out loud as much as I thought I would. Dane Cook was the comic that stood out for me, and the other comics were funny, just not as good as I have seen in the past.

-Extended and Uncensored Cut with 15 minutes of New Material
Backstage, After Party and Vegas Footage
…And More!

-ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Stereo


English, Spanish

Favorite Scenes: Anything with Dane Cook, the transition pieces out on the town in Las Vegas were fun
Rating: NR
Running Time: 98 minutes
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