Eddie Izzard “Circle”

DVD Reviews | Mar 4th, 2005

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I have seen most of his stand up special “Dress To Kill” on HBO but haven’t seen anything else so this was cool to get in the mail. If you don’t know who Eddie Izzard is, he’s a comedian/actor and a transvestite. He’s been in such movies like Mystery Men, The Cat’s Meow, and Shadow of the Vampire. He’s also a Emmy Award winner and a Tony Award nominee to boot! This DVD contains Eddie’s full live set from Town Hall in New York City on June 26th, 2000. I believe his standup went on for about an hour and twenty minutes. But watching Eddie Izzard talk on stage, he seems like he can just talk and talk and never get tired of it; and it will probably be different for every show too! I think he has a similar comedic style to Robin Williams. They both can talk forever, impersonate & act out scenes, and I think both were street performers.

What’s great about Eddie is how subtle some of his jokes are, and how he acts out everything in a brilliant clever way. A way that you wouldn’t imagine. Eddie being a transvestite or transgender isn’t even a issue, nor is it rarely brought up in his act. Just picture a historian scholar in drag making jokes about history, religion, politics, current events and other stuff I have no clue about and you got Eddie Izzard.

Besides the stand up, there’s some other extras on here as well like commentary (which I haven’t listen to) and some behind the scenes footage. The behind the scenes stuff I did see, “The Tour” and it’s about a half hour. The opening scene to that is Eddie getting pulled over by a cop in California and getting out of it haha. Other things on there include audio problems during the taping of the “Circle” show at Town Hall and afterwards seeing Eddie walk around the streets in his garb videotaping. That was fun to watch and the whole DVD was great! So definitely buy this if you like Eddie Izzard or want to check out something original & funny.

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n- Dress To Circlen-Paris, Raw Cut
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Favorite Scenes: Don’t have a favorite scene but I liked when he talked about Monkeys and guns, Saving Private Ryan/ WW2 stuff and the Star Wars canteen.
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