Flogging Molly: Whiskey on a Sunday

DVD Reviews | Jul 3rd, 2006

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Starring Flogging Molly
Written By:
Directed By: Jim Dziura
Studio: Side One Dummy
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Flogging Molly exploded onto the music scene since their first album on Side One Dummy. I knew this band was going to get popular as soon as I heard of them. They are one of the most incredible live bands I’ve ever seen, and show no signs of stopping or slowing down. I was curious what this would be. Would it be a concert DVD, or a documentary? This DVD is a documentary movie that’s almost 2 hours and it includes a bonus CD with some acoustic songs as well as some live songs. Or is this release considered a CD with a bonus DVD? Either way, Flogging Molly fans are in for a treat!

The documentary is all about the band, how they got to where they are and where they ended up. This was shot over 2 years all over the place in various countries and cities. The film starts out with Flogging Molly preparing to play some festival in Switzerland. They fear it’s just some family oriented thing and the band is expecting the crowd to make them out as be a bunch of dancing leprechauns (That would be a funny sight!). BUT that isn’t the case when the band plays and the crowd goes absolutely ape shit…like every crowd does when they see Flogging Molly. Then you find out how the band came together at Molly Malones in California. Then the documentary focuses on each member of the band and how the band has affected their life. You really get to know who the band is from watching them in their daily lives. Each member talks about each other with the highest regards, but of course there is a joking around as well. You can tell the band takes their music very seriously and didn’t start the group to be some novelty leprechaun act. You get to watch the band go through the recording sessions for Within a Mile of Home and see them behind the scenes. Along with getting in-depth interviews from the members and seeing them live their lives, you also get to see lots of fantastic concert footage intertwined with the other footage.

For me, I really grew to respect the band after watching this (even more than I already had). Just seeing where they were (bar band), and what they went through to get to where they are now just makes me respect them more. Especially Dave, he seems like he’s had it the toughest. Hearing his stories of his parents and stuff back in Ireland almost gets you weepy. I liked how the focus wasn’t on one member and the documentary went into each member in detail. You find out things like what Dave does during the day (he’s an avid reader), how long Matt was playing the accordion before joining the band, you find out that George’s brother Gary manages the band and gets a lot of credit for getting the band to where they are today. Dennis considered him the 8th Molly so to speak. Gary also plays trumpet for the band when needed! If you ever wanted to know what makes each member of the band tick, you’ll find out in this movie folks! Besides all the behind the scenes footage of the band, I loved the concert footage. It’s filmed in a concert series style and just looks incredible. Which brings up my only complaint, why can’t fans get a whole concert DVD? You have these amazing band shots and everything is perfect but we don’t get a full concert. I just hope that was set aside for down the road and they will release that next year or something. But you don’t get empty handed with band performances though. You get footage in the movie itself, but also in the bonus features. You get to see full songs for “Rebel of a Sacred Heart” and “Selfish Man.” Other bonus material for the DVD include a featurette of the band going back to Molly Malone and Nate is cursing his brains out on Dicky Barrett’s ex-radio show. You also get outtakes, a featurette on Gary, Dave in the studio and a few little things.

The other big treat for this release is the acoustic/live CD that comes with the DVD. You get a studio version of “Laura,” which I think was on the album “Alive Behind the Green Door” but was never on another album. Than the band goes into the acoustic tracks, starting with “Drunken Lullabies.” The song sounds totally different, juts a lot slower and well, acoustic. I’ve been saying for years that the band needs to do a acoustic or traditional album and glad to see them finally take a stab at it. I think their songs are just as good as the normal versions, and it shows the band has what it takes to play acoustic tracks. Another band that is also very strong both in acoustic and electric performances are the Levellers. I don’t think there are too many bands that can pull it off but Flogging Molly does. Other songs you get with the acoustic side of this album is “The Wanderlust,” “Another Bag of Bricks,” and “Tomorrow Comes a Day Too Soon.” I think my favorite song from that selection is “Another Bag of Bricks.” I like they included some live tracks on here as well because Flogging Molly are indeed, one of the best live bands i’ve ever seen. You get to hear “The Likes of You Again,” “Swagger” Black Friday Rule” and 2 others.

Overall, the movie was fantastic and sums up the band very well. You get to know everyone in the band and see different sides of them you don’t normally see. The concert footage was incredible to watch but wish there was a full concert on here. But i’m sure that’s something Flogging Molly & Side One Dummy will release in the future. Right!? Right!? Good! Besides that, you get a CD filled with acoustic and live tracks that are awesome to listen to. This is just a perfect release for a Flogging Molly fan.

Include a return to Molly Malone’s
extended interviews
live performances




Favorite Scenes: Love seeing the concert footage, I liked seeing the band prepare for gigs and traveling. I also liked to see them in their daily lives and just being non-rock stars :) The outtakes were funny and the rest of the bonus material was good as well.
Rating: NR
Running Time: 106 minutes
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