Friends: The Complete Tenth Season

DVD Reviews | Nov 9th, 2005

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Starring Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow
Written By: David Crane, Marta Kauffman
Directed By:
Studio: Warner Brothers
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The final season of Friends is finally available on DVD. You can either get the separate DVD, or get the 10 season boxset; which would be the smart thing to get if you don’t have any of these seasons on DVD yet. I should just buy that DVD since I don’t own any seasons on DVD yet. But Friends is on TV so much that I really don’t need to see the episodes on DVD. But it’s always nice to watch it whenever I want without annoying commercials. So scratch that, maybe I’ll get the boxset…

Season 10 starts off with the group still down in Barbados and couples hooking up left & right. Meanwhile, the people not hooking up are eavesdropping through the walls of their hotel room. While this was all happening, Monica got her hair done up all stupid, so there’s plenty of jokes from Chandler and Phoebe about it. Continuing on with the season, Rachel & Joey eventually get caught kissing in front of Ross, but Ross is “FINE” with it. Not really, but the whole Joey & Rachel thing doesn’t pan out, and everything is back to the way it was. Other big storylines in this season are Monica & Chandler trying to adopt a baby and then buy a new home in the suburbs, Phoebe and Mike are getting married, and Rachel accepts a new job in Paris. The season is definitely about closure, finally! Since this is the last season, things needed closure, like what was going to happen with Rachel/Joey/Ross love triangle, how were Phoebe & Mike gonna end up, or what was going to happen with Monica and Chandler’s marriage. But all these continuing storylines about the characters stretch over the last few seasons so it was nice to see things come to end. And everything did turn out the way things should have ended…

I’m kind of upset that the series isn’t new on TV anymore. I don’t have anything to watch on Thursday’s anymore because Friends was the only show I watched religiously when it was on the air. I tried to watch the inevitable Joey spin-off but lost interest halfway through the first season. It had it’s funny moments but just wasn’t the same as Friends. What made his character funny was the snappy one-liners from the other friends and everyone’s chemistry together. But enough about that show, let’s talk about Friends. Who would have thought a sitcom about a bunch of NYC yuppie’s would have lasted ten seasons and give NBC some of the best ratings as a network. I’m still trying to figure out how they paid for those apartments in NYC!

I think the show got funnier as each season went by, and got to it’s funniest point around the 7th season and continued to the very last episode. I think the last few years of Friends, the actors just seemed to give it there all, but had fun making the episodes as well. They better have given it their all, since they were making a kabillijion dollars an episode. I think the character of Ross has really come into his own over the years, and has quite a few funny episodes in the final season. I especially crack up everytime I see the episode of him trying to do the tanning booth. Though I think my all-time favorite Ross episodes are the “My Sandwich” episode and “Pivot!” episode. Just classic in my mind. I think what I didn’t like about the newer episodes of Friends, particular in the last season, was all the guest stars. It just got really gimmicky and stale. Granted, they were still funny episodes but it seemed kind of smug. Like hey, we got all these big celebrities on the show, look at us! Plus you can only do so many episodes where Joey eats a lot and acts dumb, Chandler makes a smartass joke, Monica gets all bitchy about cleaning, Phoebe makes a weird statement, and Rachel acts all high class. Oh wait, that was every episode for ten seasons. But hey, I still liked the show and it’s one of my favorites.

The extras included on the DVD are a few commentary tracks from the creators, a featurette or two, 45 minute gag reel, and some interviews. Most of the extras are on the 4th disc, and some of the other things are on the other discs. The featurette on the final thoughts was cool because the creators & cast were just summing up the series, plus there was video of some funny highlights like the Pivot scene. My favorite of the extras was the gag reel, which was of Season 1-5, and then Season 10. Conan ‘O Brien and Arnold’s face did a funny intro to the gags as well. There’s lots of funny moments of the cast screwing up their lines, cursing up a storm, and doing other gags to each other. Definitely worth watching when you get the time.

Friends is all done, but now you get to see all the episodes on DVD. No more annoying commercials or trying to find out when they episodes are on TV; you can just watch them anytime you want. Bravo to Warner Brothers for putting all these seasons out so quickly. Season 10 does have a lot of funny moments and great episodes, but it was nice & sad to see the show finally end. Might as well end the show on a good note and while it’s on top of it’s game instead of running it into the ground. Though I guess some people feel that way already but whatever, they are stupid. I like this show and now I have to go out and get the rest of these seasons on DVD damnit. Oh well.

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Standard 1.33:1 Color

English, Spanish, French

Favorite Scenes: The One after Joey and Rachel kiss, Ross is fine, Ross’ tan, Rachel’s sister baby sits, Ross’ Grant, Joey speaks French
Rating: NR
Running Time: 467 minutes
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